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Lift Caddy Generation 2 displaying tilt feature - For e-bikes and scooters
Electric Ebike Assist - Lift Caddy

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Lift Caddy with 7 pin 12V electrical plug
Wireless remote control
Manual crank handle
Locking hitch pin
Operation Manual

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Lift Caddy

Innovex Group LTD. is pleased to announce our newest offering: Lift Caddy – Gen 2. Lift Caddy is an electric motorized elevator / lifter / transporter / assist for bikes. It is a safe and secure method to lift your burdensome ebike, bicycle or mobility scooter. Lift Caddy eliminates the strain of loading heavy e-bikes onto your vehicle bike rack. “No more lifting heavy e-bikes.”

Lift Caddy is very simple to use. It lowers your rack to the ground for easy loading. Once your ebike or mobility scooter is loaded and secured on your rack, simply activate the remote control and your rack raises to travel level. Bikes roll on…. roll off. No lifting involved. The new Generation 2 features a 45 degree tilt that makes rear access even easier.

Lift Caddy comes with:
  • Lift Caddy body
  • Anti rattle locking hitch pin
  • Remote control
  • Manual crank handle
  • Assembly & Operation Manual
  • Weight: 35 lb.
  • Load Capacity: 250 lb.
  • Battery: 12 V DC
  • Range: 18 in
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Lift Caddy

Introducing Lift Caddy: The only electric lifter for e-bikes and mobility scooters. Effortlessly load your bicycles with our motorized hitch lift elevator and wireless R/C, engineered for safety and ease. Say goodbye to lifting heavy e-bikes onto your vehicle bike racks. Simplify your transportation experience today.

Email: info@ezliftcaddy.com
Phone: 1-780-686-4301
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