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Innovex Group LTD. is pleased to announce our newest offering: Lift Caddy – Gen 2. Lift Caddy is an electric motorized elevator / lifter / transporter / assist for bikes. It is a safe and secure method to lift your burdensome ebike, bicycle or mobility scooter. Lift Caddy eliminates the strain of loading heavy e-bikes onto your vehicle bike rack. “No more lifting heavy e-bikes.”

Lift Caddy is very simple to use. It lowers your rack to the ground for easy loading. Once your ebike or mobility scooter is loaded and secured on your rack, simply activate the remote control and your rack raises to travel level. Bikes roll on…. roll off. No lifting involved. The new Generation 2 features a 45 degree tilt that makes rear access even easier.

Lift Caddy comes with:
  • Lift Caddy body
  • Anti rattle locking hitch pin
  • Remote control
  • Manual crank handle
  • Assembly & Operation Manual
  • Weight: 35 lb.
  • Load Capacity: 250 lb.
  • Battery: 12 V DC
  • Range: 18 in


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19 reviews for Lift Caddy

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  1. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    monique (store manager)

    i was thinking of selling my e-bike due to its heavy weight making it difficult to load onto my bike rack, and then Lift Caddy came along…. awesome, BTW i’m not selling my bike now

  2. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Matt C (Mechanic) (store manager)

    My dad has a mobility scooter, and we were struggling to load it onto our carrier rack. My truck is lifted and the scooter had a hard time making it up the steep ramp. Lift Caddy solved that problem. We simply lower the carrier to ground level, drive the scooter straight on and with the Lift Caddy, up it goes. Brilliant !

  3. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Lisa Miller (store manager)

    Thank goodness for our Lift Caddy, loading our ebikes on our motorhome is a breeze. Brilliant product. A big Thank you to all the folks at Lift Caddy.

    • Sean Hannigan - Lift Caddy Reviewer

      Sean Hannigan (store manager)

      Thank you Lisa. It was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone.

  4. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Charles Brousseau (store manager)

    Lift Caddy is amazing. Now our 10-year-old grandson can load our bikes for us.

  5. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Patrick M (Retired) (store manager)

    I am a senior (72) and let’s face it, “The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak”. Thanks to Lift Caddy I can still get out there.

  6. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Jim Stewart (store manager)

    Lift Caddy allows me to watch my wife and her friends load their own ebikes. Thank you, Lift Caddy.

  7. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Cyndi Trudeau (store manager)

    We belong to an RV club, and we all have ebikes. Waiting for the men to load and unload our ebikes was the biggest pain. Since we got our Lift Caddy’s, us Ladies are thinking of leaving the men at home. Lol Lovely product and so easy to use.

    • Sean Hannigan - Lift Caddy Reviewer

      Sean Hannigan (store manager)

      Hello Cyndi. Your comment made me laugh. Glad you are enjoying our product. Warm regards.

  8. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Janice Simpson

    I love my Lift Caddy. No more asking my husband to load my bike.

  9. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Lorie P. (store manager)

    I bought my parents a Lift Caddy because I was concerned about them having to lift their e-bikes onto their bike rack. This is probably the best thing I have ever done for them. They use it everyday. Their Lift Caddy makes their rides so much more enjoyable and I don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves. It is awesome!

  10. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Rory Matthews (store manager)

    I hurt my back earlier this year loading my ebike onto my rack and I couldn’t ride much. I found Lift Caddy and that changed everything. Truly a great product.

  11. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Rick J (couch potato) New York, USA (store manager)

    Thank goodness Lift Caddy came along. I was getting tired of loading my wife’s e-bike for her. Now she can do it by herself.

  12. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Bruce Manning, P.Eng. (Retired) (store manager)

    Being the owner of a heavy, fat tire E-Bike, the addition of a Lift Caddy to my hitch and bike rack assembly has certainly improved my cycling experience. My Lift Caddy allows me to readily roll the E-Bike onto or off of my rack, with minimal lifting. This takes away lots of wear and tear on the back, arms, shoulders, etc. Lift Caddy allows a bike adventure to be done alone since you don’t need extra people about for the loading process. Prior to having my Lift caddy, the majority of my E-Bike trips were done from home due to the cumbersome loading required to go onto my hitch rack. Now I can readily load up my heavy E-Bike by myself. I give Lift caddy a big thumbs up.

  13. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Jim Goulet (store manager)

    Our Lift Caddy makes our adventure touring so much easier.

  14. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Darlene Styles

    We were considering selling our ebikes due to the fact that they are so heavy to load. Then we found Lift Caddy. Brilliant and so easy to use. We would never sell our Ebikes now.

    • Sean Hannigan - Lift Caddy Reviewer

      Sean Hannigan (store manager)

      Darlene, I’m glad you are happy with your Lift Caddy. If ever you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Take care.

  15. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Karen P (Physiotherapist) Denver, Colorado (store manager)

    Lift Caddy prevents injuries. Absolutely!

  16. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Wane S, Seattle, Washington US (store manager)

    My wife and I decided to buy Ebikes this year which are quite heavy. We joined a group of friends on an adventure tour on the west coast this summer with the intention of stopping at various places to ride our Ebikes. We were the Envie of the group as we were the only ones with a Lift Caddy. Everyone else struggled to load their Ebikes onto their racks, for us it was Roll on, Roll Off. Having our Lift Caddy made our trip.

  17. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Loretta Stevens (store manager)

    I was worried about my husband hurting himself lifting our bikes onto our car rack. No more worries since we got our lift caddy.

  18. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Tom Davidson

    The folks at Lift Caddy are very knowledgeable about their product. Sean answered every one of our questions. It’s so nice to see old fashioned customer service. Thanks Sean.

    • Sean Hannigan - Lift Caddy Reviewer

      Sean Hannigan (store manager)

      Hi Tom. We try to serve our customers as best as we can. It was a pleasure answering all your questions. I hope your are happy with your Lift Caddy.

  19. Lift Caddy - Guest Reviewer

    Nancy Peters (store manager)

    Our son bought us a Lift Caddy, now we can load our ebikes with ease. Lift Caddy is a game changer for us. Now we can ride every day. Definitely a 5 star product.

    • Sean Hannigan - Lift Caddy Reviewer

      Sean Hannigan (store manager)

      Thank you for your comment Nancy. Lift Caddy does make a very useful gift. I’m thrilled it is able to help you.

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