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Lift Caddy with 7 pin 12V electrical plug
Wireless remote control
Manual crank handle
Locking hitch pin
Operation Manual

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Lift Caddy saved my riding

February 17, 2024

My wife and I are getting on in age (Let’s just put it that way) but we love riding our eBikes. We were toying with the notion of selling them because we both struggled to load them. Then we found our Lift Caddy and our troubles were over. Thanks Sean & company, you are a life saver.

Gary P Burnaby BC

Lift Caddy make our RV’ing so much nicer

January 7, 2024

My wife and I are RV fanatics and we dont go anywhere without our eBikes. Now thanks to Lift Caddy we can easily load our bikes onto our rack. No more dismantling the bikes and loading them into the RV. Brilliant product !

Peter M Toronto Ont

Riding with my Ladies group

December 30, 2023

I ride twice weekly with a local Ladies group. These Ladies are serious riders who have all bought eBikes. I showed up this week with my Lift Caddy and all the ladies were impressed. We had a great laugh because the Gals thought it would be funny to add Lift Caddy to their wish lists for the husbands. Thanks Lift Caddy, you are causing quite a stir. Lol

Cindy M Boston Mass

Great for mobility scooters

October 3, 2023

My dad has a mobility scooter, and we were struggling to load it onto our carrier rack. My truck is lifted and the scooter had a hard time making it up the steep ramp. Lift Caddy solved that problem. We simply lower the carrier to ground level, drive the scooter straight on and with the Lift Caddy, up it goes. Brilliant !

Chris Chambers, Mechanic, Toronto

How to lift an ebike

September 26, 2023

I have had numerous discussions with folks on how to lift an ebike. My recommendation is DON’T. I laugh at some of these young fellas that say, “I can lift it, no problem” The fact is, just because you can lift a heavy ebike, doesn’t mean you should. As a personal trainer I can assure you that our bodies are not designed to lift heavy awkward things. If you do, it is inevitable that you will injure yourself. I highly recommend a Lift Caddy. Why not make your life easier, isn’t that why you bought an ebike?

Mike T (Toronto, Ont)
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